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So over the holidays I became obsessed with getting cash back from my purchases and my newest obsession outside of eBates is an app called DOSH.

For some of you cash back may not be a new thing, but considering I didn’t jump on the coupon craze a few years back I had to question my own sanity that I wasn’t benefiting from all the purchases I’ve been making.

Before I get into the details of what it is and how it works, let me put out a little disclaimer.

Absolutely no cash back or coupon program will be enough to make a full time income, nor does Sexy After Kids guarantee any amounts that may be earned or lost with your participation or promotion. Please review our Affiliate Disclaimer for more info.

Here’s why I believe DOSH is worth your time.

The Tea on DOSH

DOSH is a cashback app that automatically sends you a payment based on purchases that you make every day.

When you download the app, and login you’ll be able to see all of the stores nearby that are participating in the program and how much cashback you’ll receive for shopping with them. There’s also a number of online stores that offer incentives as well.

When you connect your pre-paid or debit card, then use the app you’ll receive a notification of how much cash back you’ll get.

Simple right?

Did I also mention that you can also book hotels and receive cash back through DOSH? Just click the travel tab, select your dates and you’ll see a list of all the participating hotels as well as how much cashback you’ll receive.

Getting Paid With DOSH

Besides what you get for doing your everyday shopping, DOSH has a referral program that pays $5 per person that signs up using your link. Much like other affiliate programs, this is a way for the company to get their name out while paying you cash for sharing.

Each time one of your referrals makes their first purchase you’ll receive an additional bonus of $5. Like I stated, this is definitely not something you should depend on for full time income, but if you have a decent network you could make a little extra makeup, hair, nails, or shoe cash.

The best part about DOSH, unlike some of the other cashback programs or even couponing is that there is no UPC codes, promo codes, mail in rebates or uploading of receipts. It’s all automatic, which if you’re like me is a life saver.

There is also the “Refer A Business” tool inside of the app.

If you know of a business and you don’t see them listed simply enter their information and refer them to the company. When they close the deal you will make 20% of their DOSH marketing fees for two years once they publish an offer.

Perfect for those that have a network of business owners or are just really good at identifying opportunities. A simple business referral could turn into some serious cash.

What are the cons?

So like anything in life DOSH is not with out it’s flaws. At the moment there are not a lot of stores available more than likely because the company is so new. Once you download and install the app you’ll be able to see what stores in your area are participating in the program.

Final Thoughts

DOSH is still very new so where it will land on the list of best apps to get cash back remains to be seen, however considering the download and the potential to gain is risk free, if you’re into saving money or getting money back for things you do every day it’s definitely worth a try. Click here to check out DOSH and start saving today!

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