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Dollarita Happiness at Applebee’s All October 2017

The second week of October is here and if you haven’t heard by now, Applebee’s came through with a bomb deal for the entire month.

Dollar Margaritas



Given the fact that drinks on a regular day generally cost anywhere between $5.99 to $7 (Applebee’s margaritas go up to $8.99), this is clearly a deal of epic proportions.

The best part about this whole thing is there’s no need to wait for happy hour or jet over there during certain times of the day – as long as the Applebee’s near you is a participating location, you’re in.

So call your girls, coordinate a babysitter and go catch up like you’ve been promising to do since the last time you were all together …. when was that again?

*Remember to tip your bartender*