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“motherhood is not the end of you”


Sexy After Kids was founded in 2011 as a movement to empower and inspire moms to feel good about themselves no matter what shape or size.

Having kids. One of the best moments in life. The joy of seeing a little you. Unfortunately for many of us after all that “joy” has died down we are left wondering WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY BODY?!? Depending on age, lifestyle, level of activity, etc… the weight may or may not come off easy. All of us have a different journey and different battles. Regardless of what yours is, no mom wants to turn into an “old maid.” We still want to look and feel great in our bodies and look great in our clothes. 

Sexy After Kids is all about bringing the ‘sexy back” to motherhood. More than losing weight, the SAK mom is fashionable, trendy, and is more concerned with health and wellness than being “skinny.” We cover everything from celebrity trends and pregnancies, to beauty/makeup tutorials, what to wear, how to feel good about yourself where you are, parenting and more.

Apple Daniels is the founder of Sexy After Kids. A business blogger turned fashion & lifestyle blogger. A mom of 3 boys, the concept for SAK came after Apple had a conversation with a co-worker who was approaching her 30 something birthday. Instead of being happy and excited, she found herself extremely depressed.

As she looked at her life, great job, great husband, great kids, she realized somewhere along the lines she had lost herself. Her stylish clothes were traded in for big floral print shirts, khakis, and loafers. Her hair always pulled back in a ponytail. Apple listened to her friend and swore she’d never be that way.

And then it happened.

After having kids of her own, Apple found herself slowly slipping away. Little by little things began to disappear … the high heels, the makeup, the stylish clothes. Before she knew it, she began packing on weight which compelled her to cover up – she had become her friend.

Through Sexy After Kids, Apple inspires women across the world to take back their identity. Being a mom is hard enough, and in order to be your best for your kids you have to be the best you FOR YOU!

Kids are not the end of the road… don’t retire that little black dress yet. You CAN be Sexy After Kids.


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